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1899 Season 1 Ending Explained: The disappearance of the Prometheus

Dark creators  Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese are back with another overwhelming mystery. Its second Netflix original series, 1899, is an intricate cinematic delight with cryptic symbols, an international cast of characters, all from diverse backgrounds, all speaking multiple languages, and of course, there’s an ocean of secrets to uncover. something, or perform some kind of action. The premiere does an exceptional job building this intricate set and introducing the many mysteries you are dying to see solved. Let’s not waste any more time and dive straight into this addictive series.

This series introduces us to this dark and deceptive world

1899 begins with a fast and expansive beginning. Surprising and mysterious images introduce us to this dark and deceptive world. There are sweeping views from the air, sea, and land. Black pyramids against a snowy terrain and a sinister building in the middle of nowhere. These visual delights are narrated in a poem that talks about nature and the brain. The camera follows a swirling eddy sea and we cut to a high school where we are introduced to our main character, Maura Franklin (Emily Beecham). Maura has a horrific dream in which she is in an asylum and is desperately trying to convince others that she is not insane. Wanting to know where his brother is, he hints at a conspiracy aboard a ship called Prometheus that his father appears to be involved in. Her brother disappeared after finding out the truth and she’s complaining. that his memory is being manipulated.

All these little details seem to seep into reality as well. Maura wakes up from the nightmare to read that Prometheus was lost at sea for four months. He has marks on his wrists that indicate he was once a patient of one of these diseases. facilities and constantly had to be restricted. A letter confirms the tale in her dreams, her brother talks about finding out what her father did and asks her to come to New York to meet him in person. Maura recites a factual mantra in the mirror, giving her name, place of birth, and today’s date. She repeats that she is not crazy, it seems that she is a woman with many secrets from her past. Maura emerges from her room and finds herself on the main deck, en route to American soil with many other fascinating people.

The disappearance of the Prometheus

Everyone is talking about the mysterious disappearance of the Prometheus, from the poor coal shovels on the lower decks to the wealthy elite drinking tea in first class. This allows for a quick introduction to some of the key guests. an unhappy French couple on their honeymoon, Lucien and Clemence; the Spanish brothers Ángel and the priest Ramiro; and two Chinese ladies, the servant Yuk Je and Ling Yi. Maura leaves her room and eats alone in the dining room. It is United for Ms. Wilson, who complains about sexism, nepotism, and gossip. Word has gotten around that Maura is a single woman traveling alone who is also a doctor. Maura studied the human brain but was never allowed to practice, although she soon finds an excuse to test her medical skills. A Dane with a  scar on his face (Krester) runs into the diner and asks for help.

The guards quickly drag him away, but Maura follows him to the underclass decks to help. He finds a  pregnant woman (Tove) in agony and helps turn the baby over to ease some of the pain. Meanwhile, a stowaway roams the halls and the French newlyweds have awkward, loveless sex in their cabin. Maura’s time below deck triggers an unfortunate panic attack, with shuddering memories of her possible institutionalization flashing before her eyes. She runs upstairs for fresh air and meets ship captain Eyk, played by dark actor Andreas Pietschmann. This unorthodox captain is hiding a bottle of alcohol when he spots the woman. His subordinates quickly hand him a note. You receive coordinates from an unknown sender. Could it be from the missing ship? The sailors check the data against a complicated chart and assume the Prometheus could be seven hours away. The decisive captain gives orders to change course and steer towards this beacon.

Change of course

As the ship begins to change direction, some guests become suspicious of these changes, no one wants to return. A Polish worker named Olek worries in the coal bin while Ángel and Ramiro nervously debate what the maneuver means. Class. The Spaniards are shocked they cannot return to Europe, the mere idea terrifies them greatly and alludes to even more mysteries to be explored. Later, when Lucien hears the news, he reacts similarly. The captain addresses the change of course from a course in the first-class dining room and gathers all the guests to catch up.

The open guests are annoyed about this detour, but Eyk explains his reasoning. There are 1423 passengers on the Prometheus, so you must at least try to rescue the remaining survivors. Upon seeing the ship, Eyk rebels and defies protocol. He decides to travel to  Prometheus in a lifeboat, although his companions disagree with his decision. Maura asks him to accompany her as a doctor and they ask the priest Ramiro to accompany them as well.


Stowaway Jerome and  Polish worker Olek share bread by the lifeboats, and Franz orders them back inside. The sailors comment on the eerie calm of the sea and are quickly scared away by the mute Prometheus. ship and no response even after sending out a warning flare. Eyk’s sailors refuse to go along, and the captain instructs Jerome and Olek to join them in the lifeboat. They row in silence to the ghost ship and climb aboard. 

Should the silence not be enough, there is one last thing to add to the eerie atmosphere: the telegraph stops receiving coordinates the exact moment you board. Is that coincidence or did they fall into a trap? Eyk’s ragtag team investigates the dark corridors of the Prometheus and finds damaged rooms and a destroyed telegraph, but no survivors. Eyk hears voices and soft laughter in the wind as Maura spots a  beetle running toward a cupboard. Something is poking around inside, but a crowbar is deliberately keeping them inside. Eyk has his gun ready and Maura opens the closet. Inside, they find a boy huddled together. He goes out without saying a word.

The boy hands Maura a small artifact, a black pyramid. Meanwhile, a Prometheus passenger swims to the other immigrant ship and, soaked, climbs aboard the Kerberos. He takes a bug out of his pocket and puts it under the door of a first-class member’s cabin. What could all this be? What does that mean? There’s a strong ancient Egyptian theme running through the opening sequence with the pyramids and scarabs, while that pesky inverted triangle symbol is found everywhere from the letters  Eyk and Maura to Clemence’s earrings. All I can say is that I’m hooked. Let’s see how this mystery unfolds further.

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